Eat better for better health

Doctor Germain is a nutritionist doctor specialized in nutrition in anti-aging purposes and in the aim of losing weight. Doctor Germain is holding a University Diploma in Diabetes from the University of Montpellier 1 and an Inter-University Diploma in Nutrition from the Faculty of Nancy. He welcomes you in his office in Toulouse in order to approach together the monitoring of a rebalanced diet that can also represent the supplement of an anti-cellulite mesotherapy treatment.


The relationship between diet and health is no longer to be proven. But in order to renew this relationship, it is recommended to adopt the correct behavior, to learn to apply again some basic principles concerning the three nutrients (lipids, carbohydrates and proteins). A varied and balanced diet allows to better fight against oxidative stress and to stimulate our body’s defense.


By practicing an innovative approach of health, the micro nutrition brings adapted responses and renews with medicine basics.

What is micro nutrition?

Micro nutrition is a recent medical field that tackles with precision with the micro deficiencies of our diet which despite its abundance has never been so poor from a quality point of view. This medical approach of nutrition allows to calculate the optimal nutritional intake of each and one of us in order to reach an harmonious functioning of the body (health) and a better response to training (performance).

Its principle

Numerous studies have shown micronutrients’ role (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids) in the fight against free radicals, aging factors. Deficiencies in certain nutrients can lead to functional body disorders. The more the deficiencies, imbalances and intolerances are important, the more the functional and clinical consequences will be important, generating cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks, cerebrovascular accidents, and high blood pressure), chronic degenerative diseases (diabetes, Alzheimer, age-related macular degeneration, osteoarthritis) and cancers.

But these famous nutrients cannot all be found in food and we cannot produce them by ourselves.


This open field is particularly adapted to handle problems that affect life quality, well-being; that is to say patients’ daily disturbances (mood disorder, weight, tiredness, etc.). It also contributes to the prevention and the care of modern diseases. It offers interesting perspectives in the frame of sports accompanying.

Whom does it address?

All audience no matter the age. Micronutrients intake as nutritional supplement can prove to be necessary according to:


  • needs (predisposition, food habits, tolerances),
  • physiological condition (age, overwork, performance, growth, pregnancy),
  • environment (psychological and effective or hereditary factors).


In order to identify the origin of patient’s health disturbances, micro nutrition recommends an approach adapted to each and everyone’s metabolism, taking into account its overall health and proposing a diet adapted to its specific needs. The purpose is to reestablish the body’s balance and to improve long term well-being.

Nutrients quality and safety

Natural and GMO free ingredients, their composition, origin and traceability are perfectly indicated.

Our advice

We do not all age the same way, it is better to consult a doctor trained in micro nutrition in order to benefit from a personalized anti-aging consultation.

Micronutrition by Dr. Germain nutritionist at Toulouse