Pain relief mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a therapy technique without risks and effective in the treatment of numerous joint, bone, muscle, tendon and lumbar pains. Developed in the 1950’s by a French doctor, Doctor Pistor, it essentially relies on the dermis capacity of storing drugs in small doses and of releasing them gradually behaving similar to a reservoir capable of redistributing for an extended period. This technique in pain treatment was validated in 2001 by the Agence Nationale d'Accréditation et d'Évaluation en Santé (French Health Accreditation and Evaluation Agency).

What is pain relief mesotherapy?

The purpose of pain relief mesotherapy is to treat locally sharp and chronic pains:


  • Lumbago, tendonitis, sciatica, migraine.
  • Fibromyalgia, algoneurodystrophy.


It constitutes an additional treatment to the medical prescription of analgesics destined to retrieve the normal functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

Pain treatment

The practitioner is not there only to treat a disease but to treat the patient. The pain is difficult to perceive and it is impossible to draw an exhaustive list of all pain types, but in mesotherapy evaluation grids allow the doctor to measure its intensity. One aspect of the patient/doctor relationship is the pain approach as an indispensable element of the treatment comfort. To be noted that mesotherapy is practised in numerous pain relief centres.

Main indications

Mesotherapy is recommended in the following major diseases: tendinitis, osteoarthritis, back pain, painful sprain sequelae, growth disorders in teenagers, cartilage and bone lesions, muscle lesions.


For the athlete: due to its local injection, mesotherapy allows to shorten the painful and inflammatory phase, as well as the recovery time and the period before resuming sports. For these reasons, it rides a tide of popularity in the high-performance sport environment (INSEP – National Institute of Sport and Physical Education) and amongst the general public.


For the patient: it is a choice technology for patients presenting a chronic pathology imposing a continuous treatment.

For one as for the other, this technique is very safe due to the very small doses used, due to the local injection and to the minimal spread of active ingredients beyond the area treated. It reduces side effects and the toxicity of the drug and limits the need to resort to cortisone infiltrations.


Mesotherapy consists in injecting under the skin with small needles local action products. The injections under the skin are superficial and multiple around the joint. The products used can be anti-inflammatory, relaxing, vasodilators, vitamins, calcitonin, trace elements and plants, but never cortisone. According to the pathology to treat, the administration of one or several drugs can be done by injections: epidermal, intradermal or subcutaneous; local or loco regional.


The mixtures of drugs are micro dosed and pharmacologically active. Their administration is sequential.


The injections are done manually or with an automatic mesotherapy injector. The first 3 to 4 sessions are spaced out of one week. Afterwards, the sessions are spaced out according to the result obtained.

For who?

Except some rare cases, all patients can benefit of mesotherapy. As mesotherapy is local, there is no risk of drug interaction and it is thus particularly recommended for patients under multiple drugs.

Mesotherapy: pain treatment of bone and muscles in Toulouse