Hair removal lasers

Laser technology is based on the emission of a very precise intense light for a very short time. Hair removal lasers emit different wavelengths than flash lamps, lasers being more powerful.


For hair removal, Doctor Germain is equipped with a diode laser that allows to treat small and large areas for a permanent hair removal of the face and body in women and men. These lasers are amongst the most efficient on the market allowing to treat several different skin phototypes.


It is important to underline that laser hair removal treatments must be done by a doctor holding a European Inter-University Medical Laser Diploma. In his office, Doctor Germain is directly handling the laser hair removal sessions.


During your first consultation, Doctor Germain will establish the indications of your hair removal and he will draw up a quotation.


Laser hair removal has become the reference technique to permanently get rid of hairs. Nowadays, it is perfectly controlled and it is permanent as at the end of the sessions we can observe that between 70 and 90% of the pilosity is totally removed. Several sessions are necessary for the laser hair removal because it is effective only on growing hairs (anagen phase). It is the stage during which the hair bulb is formed; therefore it will be destroyed by the passing laser. The anagen phase can vary according to individuals, their age and the area to be treated. Thus, the diagnostic of a specialized doctor is vital in order to plan the treatment of efficient sessions that will be able to treat 20 to 30% of the pilosity during each appointment.


For more information concerning laser hair removal, please read our FAQ dedicated to permanent laser hair removal.


Laser hair removal is acclaimed by women and men. But this is a medical intervention that must necessarily be done by a doctor (the French law requires it).

Laser hair removal in the office of Dr. Germain in Toulouse