Neck and face skin rejuvenation

In order to fight against face, neck, cleavage and hands skin aging, we use certain lasers but mainly Intense Pulsed Light or flash lamp (also known as IPL). Pulsed light lamps have a “photo-rejuvenation” effect by stimulating the skin regeneration and by giving radiance to the complexion.


These lamps have a very specific treatment wave-length that allows to treat at the same time age spots and ungraceful vasculitis (such as rosacea) and to have a skin tensing effect. It is the ideal treatment for skins that were prematurely and too frequently exposed to the sun.

What are the indications?

This proven technique allows to tone down age spots, to reduce varicula, to improve skin texture and to restore its radiance. It allows to improve red blotches, hyperpigmentation, lentigo, dull complexion, enlarged pores and fine wrinkles due to repeated sun exposure or to different life traumas. The skin becomes smoother, the complexion more even and clearer, the wrinkles fade away.


The application of pulsed light is done with a crystal that is placed directly on the skin. Transformed in heat, this light cauterizes the small blood vessels, generates an additional collagen and elastin production that are beneficial for skin firmness. The sessions are almost painless and without any risks for the body. Protection glasses are worn by the patient and by the doctor.


Doctor Germain uses an IPL of high quality: Quantum© by Lumenis© SR/HR with different handpieces in order to maximize treatment efficiency. All treatments are exclusively done by Doctor Germain for your comfort and maximum safety.


Each session lasts around 20 minutes. 4 to 6 sessions, spaced out of one month, are generally necessary according to the different cases. For age spots, red blotches and rejuvenation, 4 to 5 sessions spaced out of one month are necessary.


The treatment causes very little marks and there is no need for social isolation. Doctor Germain will prescribe you a good moisturizer and especially a maximal solar protection because the skin must not be exposed to sun after the treatment. On the other hand, make up can be used.


Compared to other treatment types, IPL lamps offer the advantage of a visible and lasting result after one to three months. Indeed, the treatment contributes to the lasting and in depth densification of the dermic tissue. In addition, this nonabrasive technique offers the advantage of being compatible with maintaining a social and professional life. IPL treatments can also be combined with other skin rejuvenation techniques such as mesolift or chemical peels. As the latter, IPL can be used for the face, but also for the neck, the cleavage and the back of the hands.


Contraindications consist in minimal redness easy to cover. Avoid tanning during the treatment and apply sun protection.

Removing stains and facial complexion in Toulouse IPL lamp